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Sales and Marketing Assistance, We are not a CRM Software

The truth is that modern salespeople and marketing teams are experiencing more difficulty building trusted relationships with more people. Savvy prospects are leveraging the internet to gather information and only calling in salespeople after (they perceive) to have found solutions to negotiate best prices and terms.

Our job is to work directly in concert with your salespeople and marketing teams by acting as their “personal communications concierge” or “have your sales and marketing teams utilize Sales Elevator as their own one to one targeted sales and marketing platform”. Either way our software will execute all marketing touches on their behalf; sending emails, letters, collateral materials and even small, thoughtful gifts on special occasions (first orders, birthdays, business anniversaries, etc…) because they simply do not have the mental bandwidth to remember thousands of critical dates.

–          Increase Sales Activity

–          Increase Marketing Activity and Track Open Emails

–          One to One Target Marketing and Sales

–          Increase and Enhance Client Relationships

–          Open up Dormant Client Data in Existing CRM – Utilize our Software To Increase Activity and Grow Sales